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1. What Types of your endoscope?
Pipe Line inspection,Wifi smart phone endoscope,Portable inspection camera,Atomazing and inspection endoscope and so on.
2. what is your endosocpe field of application?
1) Industrial, mechanical checking and inspection :vehicle maintenance and repair;
2) Aviation inspection;
3) Auto motor inspection engine
4) Subway inspection;
5) Marine industry inspection;
The core value of our products is to make it no difficulty on searching and inspection.
3. What is pixel about your endsocoep?
We have 4 size of pribe diameter,Difference have difference pexel,
4. Your endosocpe if have OEM/ODM service?
Yes,Of couse.
5. Do you have any types about your endoscope probe?
Semi-ridi tube,Ridi tube,Flexiable tube.
6. How long is your endoscope probe?
The stander length is 1 meter,But you can custom it to 20M
7. How lond was your endoscope warranty?
The endosocpe handle have 12 month
The camera probe have 2 month
8. What payment way you can provide?
Paypal/West union/TT
9. Do you have any certifications?
Yes,we have CE,FCC and ROSH.
10. Are you manufacturer or trader?
Of courese,we are professional leading manufacturer of borescope industry in china.