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QBH's successful case of cooperation with KARL STORZ

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 The KARL STORZ family company has grown into a global distributor of endoscope, medical instruments, and devices. They are no giant on an international scale but a leader in the things that matter: creativity, flexibility, and expertise.
In 2014, KARL STORZ captured the market and demand for vidoescope and began planning for the Industrial Vidoescope project to expand its product offering and market competitiveness.
In March 2015, KARL STORZ found Shenzhen QBH Technology Development Co., Ltd and expressed hope to working with QBH.
Why KARL STORZ choose QBH?

QBH's successful case of cooperation with KARL STORZ
Shenzhen QBH Technology & Developing Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of 3.9mm, 5.5mm, 8.5mm 9.0mm diameter inspection cameras, which can widely used in many auto mechanic area inspection or quality checking, like fuel nozzles, hydraulic components and systems, welded tubing, engine cylinders, valve seats, three way catalyst.
After three months of communication and sample testing, KARL STORZ began massively investing in the QBH AV7716i industrial inspection camera, successfully expanding their product offerings and generating significant profits.
This AV7716i inspection camera can not only detect each corner in depth, but also has a camera recording function, which can share the detected images to other people and greatly help pipeline detection, auto repair factory, construction testing, electrical power, and so on.
QBH is constantly improving and doing better and better. In October of this year, QBH developed a new product KS02 Handheld Borescope, based on the original inspection camera, this KS02 more portable, and the picture more clearly.
The birth of this new product has given KARL STORZ great interest. Currently, KARL STORZ working with QBH to plan new project, to further its cooperation in creating a win-win situation.

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