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QBH successfully partnered with Dewalt in 2015

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   DeWALT is one of the flagship brands of STANLEY Black & Decker. It is also one of the best high-end professional electric tools in the world. In the past hundred years, DeWALT has gained great reputation in the field of design, manufacturing and manufacturing of durable industrial machinery
QBH borescope successfully partnered with Dewalt
  In practical application, DEWALT found that in the process of vehicle detection, it is unable to confirm the specific fault location, need to make all disassembled, but the problem is not in this place, always make the time-consuming and laborious, after doing most of the market research and collecting customer feedback, and decide to develop a new tool to expand their product line.
 In 2015, DEWALT found Shenzhen QBH technologym, we discussion and exchange, Finally DEWALT decided to customize their own brand industrial borescope, because the borescope has mini camera and flexible snake tube, can go inside any small parts, it has LED lamps can see very clearly  in a dark place, the HD minitor can help the workers to judge the trouble, so it is accurate and make the time saving, also avoid disassembling the machine of vehicle damage, when QBH receiving DEWALT's demand, convened the R&D Department and Designed team to develop a DEWALT brand and style Borescope.
When the Borescope successful development, it has been recognized by the majority of customers, in the same year, DEWALT sold 30000 pieces and reaped huge profits. 
In 2016, due to the development of the market and the customers increasingly demanding the machine, DEWALT come to visit QBH again and want to improve the product, make the camera diameter smaller and the monitor clearer, Why found QBH again? Becasue by now only QBH can do it.

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