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The successful cooperation case with Inspectron

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Inspectron is the largest OEM company in the United States and Europe of major brand testing tools, developing test tools for some of the world's leading tool companies.
As the detection of borescope for the field of automotive care, electrical and electronic fields, the use of the crowd are almost all very professional. High-end product costs also allow many low-cost consumers can not afford. As a result, Inspectron is thinking and planning to develop a new borescope project that addresses everyone, including low and mid-tier consumers, in order to open up new markets. Inspectron continually seeks other ways to collaborate and other types of endoscopy products, until they find the Shenzhen QBH Technology Development Co., Ltd.

QBH is one of the leading borescope manufacturer, whose mission is to further advance industrial testing by combining superior technology with effective solutions. Inspectron found that QBH has an MV01 WIFI inspection camera that can works with all IOS & Android smart phones, any one and use it on the phone, a sign that this product is for everyone and at a very affordable price. This product quickly entered Inspectron's consideration.
The successful cooperation case with Inspectron
In October 2015, Inspectron entered the sample testing phase. After close communication and negotiation, Inspectron began investing heavily in QBH's Wifi inspection camera in January 2016, opening up a cooperative journey with QBH. In less than six months, it has been recognized by most customers, and in that same year, Instrontron sold 40,000 and made huge profits.
In 2017, QBH will continue to do better due to the development of the market and the increasing demands from customers on the machines. In November 2017, QBH is developing MV03 new borescope, which will be a more perfect product. Inspectron learned that QBH was found again, and began planning 2018 procurement plan for their cooperation further.

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