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QBH 2017 Newest Cleaning Borescope & Inspection Camera

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We have a good news would like to share with you that we just have develope a new product AV7820.Our newest product Atomazing and Inspecting Gun is available now.The newest design change traditional connert way by air compressor,it does't need the air compressor and can be used directly.This design help our user to operate more conveniently.It can be used not only by professsional technicist but also by Non-professional home users

As you know,each family has one car on the average,there are so many cars,car Beauty shops or car mantanince shops on your market.With this product,it can help clean and inspect the car's air-condition evaporator easily without disassemble many components.

The portable design means it have a very huge and potential market.You have market and we have newest product,I trust we will have a good opportunity to start our cooperation.
Looking forward to your soon reply!
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