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Borescope camera spray gun AV7823

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Spray gun AV7823 is one kind of borescope with cleaning function, designed for car air conditioner system cleaning,especially for evaporator cleaning. It is a spray gun,but more than an ordinary spray tool, its borescope camera supports the operator to see inside a car air conditioner evaporator without much detaching of the car, it reduce the risk of damage when technicians maintain a car air conditioner system.

QBH technology borescope manufacturer ever attend the Car Wash Show, it was a great trip. Car Wash Show is a special trading and exhibition fair for car inside and out side cleaning tools and associations business. The fair shows the present best cleaning equipment for a car cleaning, there are a lot new tools. When our sales director showing AV7823 to exhibitors and visitors, It is almost an new item to them,which also means AV7823 cleaning borescope is new for car air conditioner service market in USA. That is an important information to all wholesaler and retailer in American car washing market. Because in Asian car air conditioner service is being more and more popular . 

Borescope AV7823 is widely used in China domestic,its potential customers can be wholesaler, retailer,air conditioner service solution team and cleaning chemicals manufacturer and wholesaler. It is finally used in car service station to clean a car air conditioner evaporator for car owner,to bring fresh and clean air inside a car.

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