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How to use a smart phone wifi inspection camera?

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How to use a smart phone wifi inspection camera?
A wifi inspection camera is one kind of borescope camera, it is used with a smart phone, both android phone and iphone can be used, such kind of borescope also can be used with a tablet.
A wifi inspection camera must have a wifi borescope box, the wifi box is a signal center, it receives the digital signal from the snake camera probe, such as image and videos. Then it send out to in a certain range, which usually it is within 15 meters. To support your wifi box keep working, it must inbuilt a battery, it is much better to have a large battery inside to have better operation experience.

(Clek the wifi box to see wifi inspection camera video)

To connect wifi inspection camera with your smart phone or your tablets, there need a software, a endoscope APP, it like a bridge to transfer the signal from wifi box to your smart phone or other devices.

After the wifi inspection camera APP downloaded and installed on a smart phone or similar devices, then assemble the snake camera probe, and open the wifi box, then you can use it.

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