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MV01 WIFI smart phone inspection camera

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WIFI inspection camera MV01 is one of the hot seller borescope camera in QBH, It is combined snake camera, wifi technical. With a special APP, it can be used with your smart phones, and tablets. This wifi inspection camera can be used with both android and Iphone, it also can be connect with your tablet at the same time to take photos and record videos, which is widely needed to finish a NDT job in checking dark and hard to reach place, for example, aero-engine, car engine.

The snake camera of this wifi inspection camera is waterproof, it means you can use it to see underwater, such as your kitchen tank, your house water pipe system. You can use it to see whether any blockage or damages. It is also semi rigid, instead of a soft cable, it can keep its shape as you want it.

MV01 application:
• Inside cylinder to inspect: valve stem, valve seat, valve face, piston top, and cylinder wall
• Inside a manual transmission and axle housing
• Under the dash to read radio codes
• Inside door panels
• Behind the engine block
• Inside a radiator to check for corrosion
• Brake pad wear (while mounted to the caliper)

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