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HD borescope camera for automotive engine

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KS02 borescope camera is a HD inspection camera with high resolution, and better image display on its 2.7 inch screen. This borescope camera is designed to be used in industrial fields. It can be used to check a pipe line system, check a house pipe, it can be used in a garage to check engine bays to find out any damages on gear or carbon deposition in a spark hole.

KS02 borescope camera is powered with 4 pcs AA battery, and there are five keys on its monitor, which is ON/OFF key to start the borescope camera, Led key to control its LED lights in the front of the snake probe, image rotation key to adjust images captured, and the home. For the snake camera probe, it is 1000 mm and shapable, which is convenient to reach the dark and hard to reach places.

KS02 Borescope camera is certificated with CE, FCC etc. There isn’t any problem for you to import from our factory in Shenzhen China and Resell it to your business partners, if you want to introduce to them and get great profits.

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