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QBH borescope provides more instrument for industrial applications

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QBH has developed electronic endoscope product for enterprise users since 2000. We provide the industry's high-quality snake tubes manufacturer service and pipe inspection camera, industrial endoscope overall solution, and still devote to promote the industry research and development process.

QBH AV7716I the 2.4 inch visual borescope portable handheld design as a successful case showing all our customers in-depth understanding about classic handheld video inspection camera with flexible snake tubes detailed features, functions. Also annunciate that we can provide reliable after-sales technical support and professional services. For most important professional users who work on maintenance tests and services, we can provide ODM and patented image processing technology for all-round design configuration upgrade products and standard industrial inspection camera user manual. For users’ actual needs of custom parts in their fields, such as the front end the camera diameter, flexible soft tube (snake tube, hose) length, LED lights, lumen requirements, we always ensure to improve the practical performance based on reasonable configuration and keep sufficient testing record in the archives administration. Furthermore, we make several languages FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and the corresponding solution after firm testing. All what we do would help users finish their detection work more convenient and time-saving.

At present, our normal borescope products can be equipped with a variety of specifications front-end camera, 3.9mm, 5.5mm, 9mm, 10mm and 17mm. And most industrial endoscopes categories and models are widely used in business service fields like pipeline inspection, car maintenance, petrochemical, aircraft industry. Recently the wifi high-definition smartphone borescope products became gradually popular in people daily activities. However, people found many unexpected problems occurred when first operate such tools especially some online selling items maybe worse for sometimes you could not found power on or not. Actually relative to the market common commercial wifiborescope inspection tool products, QBH industrial-grade inspection products have gotten more cost-effective score and user trust due to high quality and guarantee.

In mid-October, QBH will join 2017Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autum Edition). Everyone could attend to view and use these sets of precision photoelectric conversion technologies and electronic machinery, electronic technology and computer digital image processing. Welcome distributors and importers make further talk with us about lighting machine, electrical integration of new non-destructive inspection instruments and visual testing equipment.

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