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A story about inspection camera

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“I am sorry i do not have warranty, i can’t do the payment, I’ve be cheated before”
Recently my friend Berry told me a story about her work, she is foreign trading sales representative working in inspection camera manufacturer. It is interesting when she spoke the story to me, she thought it was unfair during that business,even though things get done finally.
When Berry got contact with her customer Mark for the first time, it was by email in a evening. So lucky for her, as usually to start a business by spaming is comparatively very difficult, but she did received a enquiry after some minutes, though the feedback was in Italian. It excited her for that night. And the very enquiry is about wireless USB inspection camera which can be used for iphone7. its an popular product,in Europe and USA markets, as people there have much ideas to DIY, a such inspection borescope camera can do much of the help.
Mark and Berry started the further details checking on the next day, it was not a long way to go, as details could easily be prepared, checked ok with Mark’s requests. Then they came into the shipping costs, how would this inspection camera be delivered to Italy? That was a problem,because the borescope is assembled with lithium battery ,which is not easy to go with international shipping. That was not too harsh to deal, as Berry is from Shenzhen QBH Technology Development company, a borescope endoscope manufacturer, with 16years’ experience and more than 30 patent, a team who is profession in dealing inspection camera exporting from China. They have shipping partners and usually they can have the best price for their products shipping. At the end, Mark was satisfied with the shipping quotation.
It seemed that all thing need to be checked, checked .then Berry provided PI for Mark with all details. Still there is no more question for the bank information. So, she was expecting the news from Mark, maybe it is an bank slip or a tracking number,something like this. However, nothing from Mark after 3 days, which brought Berry much pressure and question a lot. She checked details of communication between Mark and her, nothing went wrong. all the email was translated to Italian by Google, but together with it in English. There won’t be misunderstanding.
She finally picked up the phone and called Mark, But out there answered in Italian,and not until she introduced herself, hand off...
Berry felt really confused with that situation, why? Everything was fine. And Mark was good with her, but why didn’t he do the payment? This was unreasonable.Berry still tried to phone Mark for the borescope payment, but failed again.
Berry was patient and sincerely hoped to cooperate with Mark,she contact with Mark again, and finally,got the feedback with “i am sorry i do not have warranty, i can’t do the payment, I’ve be cheated before”. Mark told her why he was “disappear”before this. It was because he was ever cheated by someone in a international business. That was why he didn’t pay for the inspection camera...
At the end of the story, Berry received the payment, and Mark got the USB inspection camera after he restart to trust with help of Berry’s sincerity, professional and patience.
What was this story about? In China there is an saying. people seem to feel less safety after hurt by others, especially for things similar to the one ever causing the bad.
They do not trust it anymore, and will do anything to avoid risking, even to give up his or her good characters, for example, give up keeping their words.
If Mark can belive that is a true business, it will be easy for Berry to work with him, also Mark can have the inspection camera earlier. It is just so easy, and convenient for both.

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