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The application of vidoescope in anti-terrorism and military affairs

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In recent years, with the strengthening of the fight against terrorism , vidoescope are applied in the public security law enforcement and police anti-terrorism more widely, vidoescope products are often used to check and bomb disposal. Drug, fight against illegal immigration, customs and other fields are often used to vidoescope, to maximize the elimination danger of terrorism to the government, organizations and personal threats.

vidoescope allow special police officers to reduce personal safety risks without damaging damaged checked parcels, vehicles or luggage(QBH 3.9 mm video borescope ), and to the inside of checked items. Vidoescope can also observe the inside of a locked room through holes in doors, ceilings, and walls. This allows the tactical operations team to collect more data, monitor the internal environment, and avoid personal injuries caused by forced breakthroughs. They can also be used for the Customs police at the border and airport search for contraband goods, videoscope probe inserted directly into the gas tank,the bottom of the vehicle and internal doors, boxes of parcels, without any separation of things. The video industry videoscope can record and save the pictures and videos that you observe, which saves time and doesn't destroy the items that have been checked.

At the same time, industrial videoscope can also be used for search and rescue purposes to locate victims trapped in the rubble. The military can also be used to inspect barrels, weapons, and transport vehicles, including aircraft, tanks, ships and helicopters. In the face of some risks and special circumstances, the police and the army can improve their safety and save time and energy by the proper use of videoscope equipment. Include the following field

1,Tactical inspection and risk monitoring forbidden places that can not enter 
2,Check firearms
3,Non destructive inspection of vehicles, luggage and parcels
4,Search for victims of regional disasters or emergencies
5,To improve the safety of the EOD check.
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