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Considerations for the use of boresocpe & inspection camera

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1,boresocpe & inspection camera are precision instruments, to be handled with care, should not be broken, should not fall, should not knock, otherwise it will lead to light rod displacement of the lens, resulting in refraction of the light source can not be seen and so on

2,The quartz cold light bulb has a temperature of 200 degrees centigrade.Therefore, the newly completed engine needs to be observed after the engine is cooled. It is recommended to wait for 10-15 minutes to use an industrial endoscope. Never use an industrial endoscope near flammable items or gases near 200 degrees celsius. Not just in the high temperature under the 
boresocpe & inspection camera bulb with cold water dishcloth, lest cause burst.

3,Because the 
boresocpe & inspection camera is an optical product, it can avoid unnecessary damage and malfunction only if it is operated correctly according to the use requirement.

4,The diameter of an 
boresocpe & inspection camera is currently around 3.9mm to 45mm. So, everyone in the choice of inspection camera, must choose the suitable test size, because the smaller diameter, its cost is also higher, certainly will cause unnecessary waste of resources, of course, can not be boresocpe inserted in the hole diameter is too small. If the force is too great, it will cause the  inspection camera to bend and broken.
QBH Technology 3.5 inch video borescope inspection camera have 5 kind of probe diameter for you, 3.9mm/4.5mm/5.5mm/9.0mm/17mm , for auto/vehicle repair ,engine inspection, carbon deposit, combustion chamber inspection, A/C Evaporator cleaning, pipe inspection, casting ,construction, industry machine ,aerospace and other usage 
video borescope with 5.5mm probe lenshandle pipe inspection camera borescope4.3 inch A/C Evaporator cleaning borescope
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