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How to Choose Suitable Borescope Camera?

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In the examination of different objects,we have to consider different kinds of boresocpe camera in different scope, if the detection of complex products ,often need to use various types of boresocpe camera used in conjunction with each other to complete the detection
First ,the size of the relevant environmental space affected by the inspection.Before you buy an boresocpe camera, you'll have to figure out the area of the object you want to check, and the size of the environment, space, size, etc.. Only in this way we can further select the types, specifications and sizes of boresocpe camera
Second ,the distance from the boresocpe camera to the object to be inspected .Such considerations are primarily designed to help  boresocpe camera select models, specifications, and so on.To know the size and length of a boresocpe camera directly determines the detection effect. We must be clear the detect object and related external factors before purchasing it.

According to the detection position and requests,condisering the boresocpe camera probe diameter,length of tubes,visual clarity,view angle,foucs diatance qualifications,but because of the boresocpe camera used in complex environment,but also need to consider the boresocpe camera waterproof, oil proof, corrosion resistance and so on.

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