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How to Connect Cleaning Borescope camera

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We know that the refrigerant manhine is mainly for A/C internal refrigerant filling and Filtering and cleaning of A/C impurities. But this only enhance 50% of cooling effect of A/C. In fact,the dirty of outside of A/C Evaporator is another 50% reason to influence the A/C cooling effect .


Now,Shenzhen QBH Technology has two solutions to solve the A/C Evaporator dirty problem
First : Coonnect our cleaning borescope to your refrigerant machine (our item KS06 , cleaning machine)

A/C Evaporator cleaning machine
Second : Our AC Evaporator cleaning borescope to solve it(item 7822 and 7823)

A/C Evaporator recordable and visual cleaning and inspecting borescope
Factory 4.3 inch A/C Evaporator cleaning borescope

Above two solutions have been very popular in China market,but it is blank in world market. It will be a good chance for you.If your promote it successfully in your target market, you will be the leader of the market . In addition, Evaporator is the source of bacteria, air pollution and odor,when you open the Air conditioner these odor will get inside the car and influence your health, especially for kids, women and the old.

And we also have different probe diameter 3.9mm/5.5mm/9.0mm/17mm borescope inspection camera , will meet your other demand. For example : Auto engine repair and maintenance, combustion chamber/carbon deposit inspect, construction ,sewer ,pipeline and son on

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