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Mexico earthquake news:how to use inspection camera to rescue the unlucky poodle

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The 8th day after earthquake, my Mexican customer Doctor Mark finally replied to me. His studio was damaged, so hecould only try to plan to do some temporary work in a big tent. Since previous days there is only interferential communications network for all of them which plight was caused by damage reluctantly,he just found industrial inspection camera as hisemergency relief tool to rescue supplies. Finally he found more usefultool the anphone USB inspection camera to go straightly to their studio's office areaexploring all kinds of business files.
And Mark's temporary tent is very close to my friend Song’s office. Therefore I can get news about that street disaster situation. Song took some photos of Mark’s studio as it is not far away to use his smartphone camera. And soon he remembered there is anotherbetter instrument same wifiextension camera in his toolbox.
He reviewed 2 months agolast time his wife went therespending2 weeks home leave. The short happy days but now the best comfort for his life. As he had been expecting back to his home to enjoy National Day holidays,suddenly, the whole city was badly destroyed by continuous earthquake. Obviously, his long business period would be surely to be extended to Chinese Spring Festival beginning in February.I almost heard panicky noise around my pitiful friend in these days and how depressed he felt when he told me some details later. He must reset his industrial pipes in 3 weeks and then other area damaged tubes in workable soonest days.
‘That’s quite fine!’ finally he said to me. And back to the story mentioned above, he told what happened before.
As 2 months ago whenI sent5 sets ofnewvisual car cleaning tools to him, I asked his wife to help us carrying another 2 pcs ofwifi borescope by air. The one is a present for Mark.Another, Song kept as sample and now give me a lot of photos he photographed. I found some boys and a dog in low view angle. Song laughed loudly when telling me this.
His office is located in same courtyardof landlord. Their children always gatheredasking Song to take them outdoorsto enjoy leisure time to find more childhood fun. As his company's various equipment and tools are very valuable, he tried to find some non-professional equipment when taking children together. Of course, his mini camera design becomes the first choice and being famous toy around children. They seek for patting the ants daily prey hunting, or ask Song to explore the wilderness caves, playing happily.
While there happened to a pet dog in the disaster during the unfortunate pressure in the ruins. Childrenwere looking for a long time before the sound close to the scene of the accumulation of debris. Anold bikesaved the dog's life, barely carrying a small living space in the corner. This small poodle can stick to the rescue but no food no water for 2 days. The children tried to remove the debris, but there are layers of the window and the top of the wood were stacked together. Then they tookthat flexible minicameratoreach the location of the puppy clearly saw the living space situation. And at last Song rushed to take care of the anxious children, but also knew needing professional operation to proceed.He arranged a few people to complete the race with the time. And those good childrendid not sit there. They came back from home with a little meat and a few pieces of ice hung onsnake tube small tool to help observing the dog's mouth.Once the dog could swallow and slowly licking with smooth woof to eat the food and water.The children showed smiling face once again after long time since earthquake happened. After two hours, the rescue work ended perfectly. All the people finally watched the dog be well picked out,shouting and cheering.
Around the crowd who still spread the celebration, morepeople pour in the street asking about the practical products they found in order to borrow these portable inspection cameratoolsfor coming rescue work. Song made a successful live streamingthis time. And we could viewthe whole processing via YouTube and Google Plus websites live news channel. Besides heated discussion of the dog, we got more of our friends to see Song safe living in Mexico and his harmoniouslifestylein the dilemma. Here profoundly hoping to be able to hear more good news events on the following days.

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