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The Chinese police use police borescope to rescue foreign tourist

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Eric was a tour leader in China Travel. On 5th.Apr.2017, He leaded 10 Australian guests to xi 'an famous sceneries. When they end of play and back to the bus. A man in a dark blue suit, about 1.75 meter’s tall, aged about 38, returned to the tour bus with them. At first Eric thought he was a friend of the driver, But when he unlock his clothes and expose the bomb, All people to see the red light.
 The desperado name’s Jack, He ordered the driver drove to the local police station, He wanna talked to the police director.
Within 10 minutes of waiting for the director, lots of tourist were scare and crying. Eric persuaded the desperado didn’t hurt this people, He was willing to be a hostage. At last, the desperado release five hostages. Eric let them get off the bus, and let them take a taxi to the airport to find someone who can speak English. Finally, only Jenny and Eric were left on the bus.
 Eric recalled and say, The police director promise Jack to prepare one million dollars within an hour. If none, he will threatened to kill.
The bus was parked in the road, Jack ordered the police disperse a large number of police cars followed. Eric discovered the police car had disappeared. In fact, The police were already lurking under the bus and use Police borescope to spy on in the dark. The desperado's every move was in Police borescope’s eye.
 After director get on the bus, he hint Jenny and Eric continue to drank water, Although they hardly understand what is really mean. Soon Jenny and Eric want to pass water, But Jack only agreed to Eric get off the bus, Jenny was not allowed.
Eric was very shocked and see many police under the bus when he get off, they use Police borescope to spy on Jack and haven’t been found. They watched through the Police borescope and waited for an opportunity. When he revealed a flaw, the police order the sniper attacked killed him.
 After the event, the director said: Thanks to the Police borescope, it make this rescue operation gain a complete victory!

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