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How to Use the Automotive Borescope to Check Engine

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In the maintenance process, the automotive borescopes is mainly used in the diagnosis and diagnosis of automotive engine, cylinder, hydraulic components, fuel pipes, muffler, transmission and air conditioning systems, differentials, tanks, tanks, gear boxes, etc. . Greatly improve the maintenance efficiency, accuracy, maintenance quality, while reducing the repair cycle and costs, but also to avoid the many pieces of mechanical damage caused by disassembly and waste of resources. In the automotive engine cleaning and maintenance can also greatly demonstrated its positive role.
How to use the Automotive Borescope to check engine
The main application of engines, automotive borescopes in the maintenance process is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
1) Cavity examination: Check the surface cracks, skin, pull lines, scratches, pits, bumps, spots, corrosion and other defects.
2) state inspection: When some products (such as turbo pump, engine, etc.) work, according to the technical requirements of the project for endoscopic detection.
3) Assembly inspection: when required and required. Use the endoscope to check the quality of the assembly; assembly or a process is complete, check whether the assembly location of the parts meet the drawings or technical requirements; the existence of assembly defects.
4) the excess material check: check the product cavity residual chip, foreign objects and other surplus.
5) Weld surface defect inspection: Check the weld surface cracks, not welding penetration and welding and other welding problems.

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