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The important role about Industrial Borescope pipeline welding

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The main function of the industrial borescope is to detect the interior of the pipeline, equipment and internal parts that are not recognized by the human eye, it mainly check the cracks and pores on the surface of the pipeline and the weld. In the inspection before the weld surface should be to eliminate spatter, scale, pits, paint and rust, etc. As the use environment of industrial pipe borescope is complex, usually according to the specific test object location and requirements to determine the type of borescope, at least to consider the detection of the location, direction, access and other elements, complex products often require a variety of models borescope with the use.

 Industrial Borescope pipeline welding

In the face of illness, pharmaceutical equipment is particularly important. Pharmaceutical engineering construction pipe welding a little careless, there may be serious consequences, industrial borescope as a non-destructive testing equipment, in order to ensure the quality of pipe welding, industrial borescope on the welding surface of the outer surface of the test provides a lot of support . Non-destructive testing can be carried out without disassembling or destroying the assembly and stopping the operation of the equipment. Photographing and video recording of the site in question can be carried out to monitor, record, store and analyze the on-site targets for the inspection report.
Factory production requires a high quality pipe, and while welding stainless steel is not as difficult as welding aluminum, the material's specific properties can cause many variables. Stainless steel tube must be smooth, non-oxidizing phenomenon. Due to the thickness of stainless steel thin-walled tubes are less than 3mm, often due to improper assembly and welding procedures, and welding process parameters selected unreasonable, easy to cause tube plate welding deformation, resulting in tight seal, the pipe off.
If the pipeline of pharmaceutical equipment is defective but can not be identified by the human eye or detected by the industrial borescope, foreign substances will remain in the pipeline after the equipment is put into production. This will directly affect the quality of the produced medicines and even lead to mass production of medicines unqualified, resulting in serious waste of resources, but also seriously affect the reputation of pharmaceutical equipment factory.
The importance of industrial borescope not only in the pharmaceutical equipment industry and the pharmaceutical industry but also in other pipe welding inspections has also become an indispensable means of detection. The borescope has made a great contribution in the pipeline welding inspection, which makes the welding quality of the pipeline effectively controlled.
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