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Industrial Borescope operation method and how to judge

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Industrial borescope has been the most commonly used method of nondestructive testing because of the limitations of artificial vision and the need for more accurate aids to assist in the observation of equipment. Especially in the industrial parts casting industry, the inspection of the surface defects of domestic castings is generally based on visual observation, including the use of less than ten times the magnifying glass method, the use of modern industrial borescope methods. Industrial borescope products in the casting of automotive parts, hydraulic casting, the body of the pump body casting, casting machinery parts, pipe fittings, casting units used to check the sand casting situation, burrs and staggered hole conditions of quality control.
Industrial borescope in the mechanical casting industry requires compactness and flexibility. The need for industrial borescope of components are relatively small holes, which requires the borescope must be more small, flexible and easy to insert; video display more intuitive and clear, for the casting body deep holes, blind holes, staggered holes, casting Gaza, glitches and other conditions at a glance
The scope of detection of industrial borescope is given in "Methods of use and determination of industrial borescopes"
 (1) lumen examination. Check the surface cracks, peeling, pull lines, scratches, pits, bumps, spots, corrosion and other defects.
 (2) Surface magnification inspection: Electron microscopy, endoscope use of the variant, suitable for electronic circuit chip and skin pores observation inspection. More uses are still being explored.
 (3) weld surface defects inspection. Check weld surface cracks, impermeable and weld leakage.
 (4) status check. When some products (such as worm gear pumps, engines, etc.) work, according to the technical requirements of the project borescope detection.
 (5) Excess material inspection. Check the product cavity residual debris, foreign objects and other excess.
 (6) assembly inspection. When required, the use of borescope to check the quality of the assembly; assembly or a process is completed, check each zero, the assembly position assembly or not meet the requirements of the drawings or technical conditions; the existence of assembly defects.

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