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The Application of Industrial Borescope in Earthquake Rescue

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During the Wen Chuan earthquake on May 12, 2008, search and rescue workers were not afraid of danger and the fight against time to save lives was shocking. 
They used a variety of advanced search and rescue techniques and high-tech search and rescue equipment to gain valuable help for the rescue, including search and rescue tools such as life detectors, “snake eyes”, search and rescue dogs, especially industrial borescope.
In the multi-earthquake country of Japan, industrial borescope have been playing an important rescue tool. For the first time in China, industrial borescope not only demonstrate the continuous deepening of the friendship between China and Japan, but also get the greatest chance and time for saving lives.
Industrial borescope are called "miracles" in the search and rescue of earthquakes. The main reasons are as follows: 1. Industrial borescope are examples of cross-cutting use; 2. The borescope detection function has played an extremely important role in the earthquake search and rescue process Role. Industrial borescope is a set of optical, precision machinery, electronic machinery, electronic technology and micro-imaging technology integrated non-destructive testing equipment. The original function is mainly used to detect small pipes, engines and other subtle aspects of the problem. The main body of the instrument is very slim and flexible. The user can easily control it through the joystick in the pipeline to be tested, detect in the engine and transmit the image through the video recording function to find the problem of the internal structure.
Based on this principle, industrial borescope are also used to detect the use of life. Using a life detector after an earthquake disaster, we can see if there are signs of life in the rubble, but searching for the exact location of the survivor to rescue it is always a dilemma. Survivors buried in the rubble pile, digging rubble with  hand a little bit too slow, heavy machinery may hurt people. This time the industrial borescope can play a big role, it not only in the cracks in the ruffles, explore the details of the ruins inside, but also in the gap search for the specific location of survivors, and camera video function can help Rescue team clearly analyze the various conditions in the ruins, provide the best solution for the rescue, so that the search and rescue process more secure and purposefully. As a result, industrial borescope were identified by search and rescue teams as "the ruins’ gastroscope"
QBH Technology Development Co.,Ltd, a professional global supplier of industrial borescope, immediately funded 100 industrial borescope to the China Earthquake Search and Rescue Center as soon as the earthquake occurred, and greatly assisted search and rescue operations. It means the beginning of the application of industrial borescope to earthquake search and rescue in China.

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