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QBH Launch Inspection camera Based on RFID Automatic Tester

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The equipment is expensive, so an inspection camera need for many people. Therefore, in the process of medical treatment, staff needs to clean and disinfect. In addition, before using it, the staff also need to test the inspection camera, ensuring that no any defect or damage. However, this process is usually prone to human error. This month, medical and surgical technology company QBH released inspection camera leak detector ALT - Pro, this equipment adopts radio frequency identification (rfid) technology in order to realize automation.
 Inspection camera a based on RFID Automatic Tester
Inspection camera is a long tube which need keeping a certain air tightness, by in vitro through the body's natural tract into the body, to check the body disease. If used properly, inspection camera can be reused for hundreds of times a year. After each use, the staff must be a certain amount of processing: cleaning, disinfection, and leak detection. Once find leakage phenomenon, hospitals need to repair it, in order to avoid the damage of the equipment and the cross infection between the patients. As for hospital medical equipment manufacturers, therefore, provides some testing leak detection instrument (air pump).During the process of leak detection, the inspection camera submerged in the water and air pump. At this time, the staff need to carefully observe the surface of the water, once has the bubbles appear, inspection camera occurs leakage phenomenon.
QBH has developed dry leakage test scheme, instead of complicated error-prone manual detection scheme. In the testing process, connect the inspection camera to ALT - Pro, air pump gas, then the device will automatically leak detection. Built-in by QBH customization of RFID read-write device will automatically capture the leakage test data. QBH medical systems product manager Russell with the ALT - Pro dry inspection camera leakage tester, it doesn't need water and air bubble. Therefore, it will prevent human error and increase the use efficiency of inspection camera. Every paragraph inspection camera high frequency (HF)  of QBH II product line of equipped with a custom of passive RFID tag, which has a unique serial number 13.56 MHz. The tag integrates within the inspection camera optical connector. Older product lines QBH provided a precoding label with the outer silicone rubber belt.
When start testing, staff need to shake the ALT - Pro RFID read-write device of the inspection camera pipe, in this way, read and write device can obtain inspection camera model and serial number. Then, shake their RFID badges to record the personnel information of operators.
Then, according to ALY - Pro screen prompt operation, select anhydrous automatic testing or conventional water flooding test function. If staff selects automatic testing function, ALT - Pro system will pressurize inspection camera according to the model that have been read. In the Leak detection process, the appropriate pressure will increase the accuracy of leak detection results. At the same time, the device can also record leakage test of time.
These products based on RFID technology, he says, popular with users, both saved them time and reduce the artificial error. The use of RFID technology in ALT - Pro is a very natural thing. And it is also decided to make the introduction of the technology of data cleaning and disinfection process, trying to simplify the process.

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