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The Status Quo of Videoscope Between Domestic and International Countries

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The market share and the brand of Videoscope

Domestic's videoscope technology has been developing for more than half a century. In 2010, the total industrial output of Domestic's videoscope industry was over 4 billion ¥----year-on-year growth of 25%. The industry's profits are totaled nearly 1.4 billion ¥, up about 6 percent year on year. Although the level of videoscope diagnosis and treatment of our country has obtained certain development, in the equipment market, about seventy percent of the domestic videoscope market has been monopoly by foreign brands. From the point of application, foreign high-end brands are mainly applied in gastroscope, fallopian tube, urethra, enteroscopy, bronchus, and other professional medical treatment. In the treatment of otolaryngology, domestic hospitals and outpatients are mainly used in domestic products, such as three-dimensional, medical light and transportation.

market share and the brand of Videoscope
Endoscopic minimally invasive treatment

With the continuous development of treatment technology, minimally invasive treatment technology has become a new direction, on behalf of the development of medicine. Endoscopic minimally invasive treatment is clinical medicine with the rapid development of optical information science in recent years, materials science and biological engineering and other high-tech disciplines of organic combination. The use of endoscopic minimally invasive surgery with small trauma, fast shorter operation time, postoperative rehabilitation of by both doctors. It has become an indispensable tool for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as digestion, respiration, urology and otolaryngology.
Endoscopic minimally invasive treatmen

The contrast of videoscope brand at home and abroad

Foreign brands have an absolute advantage in products, technology and services, among which Olympus, pentax, fujifilm, karstos, WOLF and the history of the six brands dominate. Although domestic brands have an advantage in price, the technical level is still the soft rib, and the development ability of the sales channel is not comparable with foreign brands, so the market share is very low.

The trend of videoscope technology

In the near future, videoscope technology will become the mainstream of clinical medical minimally invasive technology. For example, the capsule endoscope will develop in the direction of functional diversification, intelligence and characteristics, and the traditional videoscope will combine with the new technology. Day, the United States and many European companies have core patented technology, with the continuous development of medical videoscope technology, they will continue to take advantage of the present patent continuously consolidate its technology monopoly.

The suggestion for the development of videoscope  in our country

The trend of videoscope technology
Domestic enterprises should give full play to their technical characteristics, and increase their cooperation with universities and research institutes. With the help of their comprehensive research and development capabilities, they can quickly break through technical difficulties and master key technologies. In this paper, we develop our own technological superiority in the videoscope and disposable videoscope of capsule, so as to develop the technical reserve for the development of videoscope equipment in our country.Joint medical institutions at the same time, through the clinical resources to improve the technology continuously and practice, and quickly realize industrialization, to break the foreign enterprise in the field of videoscope absolute leading position, form their own core technology, promote competition ability.


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