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The principle of nondestructive testing for borescope & inspection camera

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borescope & inspection camera is a branch of nondestructive testing. It can be said to be a specialized detection technique.
Because of its special size, the borescope & inspection camera enables us to observe the internal surface structure or working state of the object simply and accurately without damaging the surface of the object being detected.

Nondestructive testing requires the use of borescope & inspection camera as a testing tool, which is designed and manufactured to meet the complex industrial environment. Endoscopic detection is a kind of detection technology which has been widely used in recent years with the development of endoscopic manufacturing technology
principle of nondestructive testing for industrial endoscope
principle of nondestructive testing for industrial borescope

borescope & inspection camera can be used for high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation and the human eye can not directly observe the place of inspection and observation, mainly used in automobile, aircraft engines, piping, mechanical parts, can be in does not need to remove or destroy the assembly and equipment to stop running under the condition of nondestructive testing, on the other hand the industrial endoscope can also connect with the camera, camera or computer, composed of camera and image processing system, monitoring, recording, storage and image analysis and field goal. Provide a good guarantee for the diagnosis and treatment

QBH Technology AV7810 industrial borescope with 3.9mm/5.5mm/9.0mm probe diameter for your different usage, can inspect the places thah humand body cannot reach and eyes cannot see, for example  vehicle,automotive, casting ,pipe ,valve ,chanmber,narrow space inspection .

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