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What is 3.9mm High resolution hd videoscope camera

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QBH 3.9mm High resolution videoscope is a very suitable borescope, it has 4 Led lamps, brightness can be adjustable in 6 levela . The semi-rigid snake tubes can penatrate into the chamber and valves that humand body cannot reach , eyes cannot see.

Extend Your Hands & Eyes !

1.Aerospace:Inspect and Repair the blade of aviation engine
2.Military equipment:Inspect and Repair the submarine,tank armored car and Barrel
3.Car repair and maintenance:Inspect and Repair the car frame,chassis,engine etc.
4.Security:security control in Custom,station.Airport etc.
5.Architectural:Inspect and Repair pipeline,circuity,wall etc
6.Electric power generation:Inspect and Repair the turbine of the nuclearpower,heatingpower,  Waterpower and windpower equipment
7.Oil and nature gas :Inspect and Repair the pressure vessel and steam generator
8.Electric equipment and electronic industry:Inspect the production equipment and product’s R&D.
9.Sea and River:fish culture view and hydrology research
10.Science education and Laboratories:View animal’s in the hole and karst cave .


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