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What is the cleaning borescope?

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 Why use the cleaning borescope ?

In the modern society, almost everyone and every family choose to drive when they go out. We stay and live in the car with our family and pet most of time. But do you ever care about the air in your car 
Air polluted inside vehicle is becoming one of the main reasons of driver depressing ,dysphoria and poor concentration ,even the main reason to cause traffic accidents, now it's even synonym of cancer.Especially to kids, women and old.Harm to the women : women are very sensitive to benzene and formaldehyde, especially for women in gestation period, if breath in benzene for too long time, may cause fetal malformations or abortion .Harm to the children : for growing up cjildren ,if breath in too long the polluted air inside vehicle ,may cause unstable hematopoietic function ,easy infecton of hematopoietic organs,and to cause lack of nutrition and leukemia 


cleaning borescope


The cleaning borescope was the answer ,and this product started it all.It is available directly to the consumer that would easily, effectively and safely clean and freshen a cars air conditioning and vent system. And it is Safe and Earth Friendly. More importantly : this 7820 cleaning no need the air compressor , it use the pressure of the jar.

The features of the cleaning borescope

1.Portable design, convenient operation and easy to take , the detachable screen and articulating tubes
2.With 9mm flexible or semi-rigid tube, resistant to bend, easy to fix. And you can view and clean the automotive air conditioning without disassembly through the vent of the car blower
3.Photographing, video and audio recording and saving, can be suooprt 32G SD/TF Card
4.3.5″ HD screen, detachable, you can choose the function of wireless video transmission
5.Mini HD camera, the brightness can be adjusted in 6 levels, big flowing spray-head.2.0ml/s, 200ml volume spray out within 120s
6.With the car charger, sustainable working

7.This 7820 cleaning no need the air compressor , it use the pressure of the jar.


Specifications :


Camera head:  9.0mm
Tube length : 800mm semi-rigid snake tube or 1m tube. it can be customized 0-20m
Image Seneor CMOS VGA sensor
Effective Pixel :720*525/720*625 ,0.45 MP
Focus distance : 30mm-80mm
View Angle :60 degree Fov with IR cut
LED Lamps :4 lamps, brightness adjudting in 6 levels
Working air pressure :6-8kg/cm2
Voltage:  5V
Work current :600 ma
Data output Video output .connected to TV or PC
Screen : 3.5” TFT LCD QVGA 320*240 16.7M COLOR
Record and photograph Resolution :640*480   

video format :AVI
Memory card:   capacity of 32G mini SD/TF card
Package:   PE Plastic box

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