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  • Borescope Camera Portable Handheld 2.4inch
  • Portable Handheld 3.9mm 5.5mm 9.0mm Probe videoscope
  • Handheld Borescope 2.4inch
Borescope Camera Portable Handheld 2.4inchPortable Handheld 3.9mm 5.5mm 9.0mm Probe videoscopeHandheld Borescope 2.4inch

Portable Handheld 3.9mm 5.5mm 9.0mm Probe Borescope Camera AV7716

  • Price:$25-$60
  • MOQ:1
  • Brand Name:QBH
  • Model number:AV7716
  • Porbe Diameter:3.9mm/5.5mm/9.0mm
  • Place of origin:China(Mainland)
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Product Description:

Portable Handheld 3.9mm-5.5mm-9mm Probe Borescope Camera AV7716

●Waterproof IP67                                                                                                                     

●Classic Basic Inspection Camera 

●3.9mm-5.5mm-9mm  diameter probe                                                                                                        

●1m semi-rigid snake tube                                                                                                  

●100,000 pixels, 450,000 pixels,  300,000 pixels 

●2-4-6 LED lights     

●Adjustable brightness LED illuminator

●Adjustable LCD brightness

●Sensor: VGA CMOS Sensor

●Detachable tube     

●Display:  2.4'' TFT LCD QVGA 480*234 16M color

●Resolution: 480 x 234 pixels

●Attachments : Mirror

●Powered by 4pcs AA batteries(not included)

●Snap shot and record video

●Certification:CE FCC ROHS

AV7716 borescope camera detail

  AV7716 inspection camera Instructions:

I. Safety Instruction!

To make sure your safety, please read all the warnings and instructions before use. If not, it might lead to electric shock, fire disaster and other severe accidents. 

(Minors under 12 years old to avoid touching this product.)

Ⅱ.Workplace Safety Attentions

1. Keep the workplace clean, dry and lighting full. Disorder and darkness environment may cause disasters.

2. DO NOT use any electrical equipments or borescopes in inflammable and explosive environment, for example, inflammable and explosive liquid, gas or dust. The operation of electrical equipments or borescope may engender sparks which would ignite the dust or gas.

3. DO NOT use theborescope under caustic chemical condition. Caustic chemicals may corrode the covering layer of the camera, which will affect the quality of the images.

4. When operating the equipment, you should keep other irrelated people away and make sure they would not touch it.

Ⅲ.Personal Safety Attentions

1. When operatingborescope, you should keep your head clear and working attentively.

2. Properly use your protective gear; always wear your protective glasses.

3. Please DO NOT let things like liquid run into borescope.

4. Please DO NOT apply the equipment to medical field.

5. There is not strike proof protectors inside, so please DO NOT use it as a hammer or drop it。

Ⅳ.Battery Use &Care

1. Please remove battery before cleaning.

2. Please remove battery when you decide to leave it alone for a long time to avoid any damages to the power installation area because of battery leak.

3. Please DO NOT use new batteries with old ones or use different sizes of batteries together.

4. Replace all the batteries at one time if necessary for different voltage may lead to battery leak.

5. When fitting batteries, please make sure the positive and negative terminals of the batteries are in the right place.

6. NO CHARGING to the equipment.

7. The batteries unused please keep them in the original package and away from metal objects.

8. DO NOT leave batteries in high temperature atmosphere to avoid explosion.

Ⅴ.borescope maintenance

Before the equipment maintenance, please ensure the battery has been removed.

In order to maintain the borescope in good conditions, you still need to follow the following standard:

1. Please use the borescope correctly per operation manual guidelines. Please DO NOT use borescope if you are not reading operation manual carefully or training.

2. Please keep the borescope in dry and ventilated environment.

3. If there were concretion in lens, please make sure water evaporate before using.

4. The correct cleaning borescope.DO NOT use acetone to clean borescope, but with 70% alcohol solution agent clear first. With dry cloth to wipe LCD screen gently.

5. If theborescope is falling accident, please carefully examine the damaged parts or any components which may affect the operation. If damaged, please fix it before using.

6. Please DO NOT use the borescope under the environment of temperature more than 60 degrees.

7. Please keep the Probe of cable carefully and DO NOT bend too far (especially not to make 180 degree folded in half).

8. Please DO NOT remove the equipment beyond the scope of operation manual, or you will not able to own the quality assurance terms.

Ⅵ.Application & Function


1, Auto maintenance: Car engine inspection, Hydraulic components inspection, Valve machine carbon cleaning, Nozzle testing etc.

2, For inspection, boiler, heat exchanger; machinery and equipment manufacturing device;

3, Petrochemical Industry: pipeline configuration, pressure vessel, boiler, heat exchangers and other equipment inspection;

4, Electronic, electrical industry: used for mechanical operation check, parts inspection, and the field of research and development;

5, Gas pipeline: pipeline rust, corrosion, leaking inspection;

6, Aviation, aerospace industry: for turbine, blade, the combustion chamber of a regular checking or body checking, and rocket engine research and development, manufacturing;

7, Iron and steel industry: except for equipment repair and maintenance, but also for the pipe product quality inspection;

8, Railway, shipping industry: for inspection of turbine, heater, diesel engine, boiler flame, pipeline inspection;

9, Construction: check for the steel pipe rust and dirt, walls and other internal diagnosis, steel corrosion condition, bridge joint crack when, can also be used for the tunnel inside hollow, building models;

10, Water pipeline: is used to check the drainage pipe corrosion and plugging of the diagnosis;

11, The power industry: used in nuclear power, thermal, hydraulic station of various types of heat exchangers, pipelines, turbines and other inspection and maintenance;

12, Water company: used for exhaust pipe corrosion and plugging of the diagnosis;

13, Rescue of disaster and fire fighting rescue, for accident investigation, etc.


Image Sensor


Effective Pixel

320(H)x240(V)(NTSC) ,720(H)x625(V)(P)/720(H)x525(V)(N)

Focus distance


View angle

60 degree Fov(D)

Probe diameter

Φ3.9mm / Φ5.5mm / Φ9.0mm 

LED illumination

2 or 4 white lamps, illumination can be adjustable in 6 levels



2.4” TFT LCD QVGA 480*234  16M color


Image can be displayed with 180 degrees rotating

LCD screen illumination can be adjustable in 3 levels

Automatic recognition of NTSC/PAL

Ten minutes without operation, TFT automatic turn into power saving mode


English, French, German, Italian, Spanish,Portuguese,
Simplified Chinese,,Japanese,Korean, Russian



Working Current:600ma


Output voltage:5V

Input voltage:110-220V

Input current:2A

Power:4 x AA Battery, power can support by 4-5 hours

Standard Accessory

1X Hook, 1X Magnet, 1X Mirror

Ⅶ. Operation

1.Snake Camera Installing.

Please connect the snake tube with the host before use, follow the direction of twisting the coupling, you can connect the camera to the monitor easily and suggest operator to disassemble the camera after use.

2.Battery embed

(Notice: the battery should be 4 pcs of AA size normal batteries, Alkaline battery or Nickel metal hydride battery. Please follow the symbol of direction to put in or pull out the battery in a correct way.)             

3.Mini SD/TF Card Assembling.  

(Capacity of max 32G mini SD/TF card, insure the memory card is invalid before use.)

4.Power On/Off 

Press the power on/off  button until the power indicator light is green,

(Tips:if the light is red, which means the battery power is low, please change the battery.)

5. FAQ and Solutions




Fail to start

1. Check connection between the adapter insert into the charge correctly                         2. Check the battery assembly is correct,insure the battery level is sufficient

Please press the power on button for 3 seconds to start

Starting up automatically

Check function in the setting, whether there is a blocking in the starting up key


Auto shut off

Lack of electricity, battery replacement

Remove battery before you pack it in the case

Unable to read the TF card

Check TF card assembling in correct, whether it is loose or damaged


Unable to get AV signals

Check the AV data line connection is not loose.

Or the cable is not broken.


Unable to connect computer

Check the USB cable connection is not loose,

Check the USB cable is  not broken


Cannot record the voice

Check whether the microphone sound hole blockage.


If you can not solve the problems above after the suggest solutions, please press the reset button behind the host to restore the factory settings. If the faults were still exist, please contact the selling agent.

Ⅷ. Warranty

1. Warranty Period

The whole machine of the Product will be provided with one year warranty for free commencing from the purchase date of the Product. And paid services shall be provided as per Charging Standards on Paid Services beyond the warranty period.

For the warranty start date, the date on a formal receipt for the purchase shall prevail. If you cannot provide valid purchase certificate and three guarantees certificate (The Company reserves the legal right not to provide the service of three guarantees.), and if a false certificate is provided or the information recorded by a warranty certificate does not comply with that of the Product, then the production date of the Product shall be considered as the warranty start date so as to calculate the “three guarantees” period and free warranty period. Except the above information, if other valid ex-factory information of the Product cannot be provided, the Company will not provide free warranty service.

2. Applicable Scope of the Warranty Clauses

The Standard Warranty Clauses shall only apply to digital electronic products delivered and sold in the People’s Republic of China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan), and parts on warranty shall only refer to main engines and parts manufactured by the Company.

To the extent permitted by law, the Company may select to adopt its methods of repair, replacement or returned purchase, in order to provide you the warranty service committed by the Document.

For any additional commitment outside the Service Commitment on the Product and its accessory software and hardware equipments made by any institution and staff (such as retailers), the Company shall bear no responsibility.

For spare parts sold separately by the Company, please refer to their supporting warranty certificates for specific service commitments.

The Company does not bear the expenses and risks of fetching products by customers.

The Company will provide you stipulated warranty services within the scope of the Standard Service Commitment. If you require other services beyond the commitment of the standard warranty service, please select the paid services provided by the Company’s authentication service agency. 

3. Warranty Exceptions

The Commitment does not apply to the following situations:

The main engine or parts of the Product have been beyond the free warranty period.

Failures or damages are caused by noncompliance with the requirements of the specification/ errors/ inappropriate use, storage, maintenance or operation of the Product.

Failures or damages are caused by the environment that is not the stipulated working environment for the Product (for example, too high or too low temperature, too dry or too humid, inappropriate input voltage, etc.).

Failures or damages are caused by the installation, repair, change, addition or dismantlement by the institutions and staff who are not authorized by the Company.

l Failures or damages are caused by unforeseen factors or artificial reasons (including computer virus, miss-operation, liquor inlet, scratch, carrying, collision, incorrectly plugging, falling of foreign matter, rodent, insect damage, etc.).

Due to a natural disaster or other force majeure (such as earthquake, fire, lightning,) causes the failure or damage.

Normal and reasonable consumption or damage as well as the resulting damages (for example, natural consumption, abrasion and aging of hulls, circuits, interconnecting parts, electronic components, etc.).

l Failures or damages are caused by other problems instead of the quality problem of the Company’s machines (including parts).

4. Ownership for Replacement of Main Engine or Parts

After the product retailers of the Company replace the main engine or defective parts for you, the original machine or defective parts shall be withdrawn and their ownership shall be enjoyed by the Company.

5. Warranty Paperwork

When a machine breaks down, users may send both faulty machine and the Warranty Card to a maintenance station; if there’s no maintenance station in the locality, users may send both faulty machine and the Warranty Card directly to the Company, while the round-trip post fee shall be borne by users themselves. The Company shall bear no responsibility for loss or damage occurred in the sending period. The Company will maintain or replace the parts as per the fault condition, while the replaced parts shall be owned by the Company. Please note that the warranty period of the original product shall not be extended due to maintenance or replacement, while the warranty period for such breakdown maintenance shall be 2 months.

Please contact local shops, dealers or visit our website if you have any question.

The Company reserves the right of final interpretation for the above warranty clauses. 

QBH Borescope Supplier Qualification & Borescope Certification