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Handheld Car washing tool with 9.0mm probe Automotive Borescope Camera Reviews

  • Price:$72-$105
  • MOQ:1
  • Brand Name:QBH
  • Model number:AV7823
  • Porbe Diameter:Φ9.0mm
  • Place of origin:China(Mainland)
  • Page View:...

Product Description

Handheld Car washing tool with 9.0mm probe automotive borescope camera reviews AV7823


 Image Sensor

 VGA CMOS Sensor 

 Probe Diameter


 Camera Pixels




 View Angel

 60 degree Fov(D)

 Focus Distance



 Detachable 4.3inch HD monitor


Built-in Lithium Battery 






washing tool Automotive Borescope


This Model AV7823 with cleaning function, can cleaning the car A/C system to make the air fresh, 9.0mm probe can see the evaporator how dirty and whether or not need to clean.

Precautions for product use
Thank you for choosing our cleaning borescope, please read this user manual before using this machine.

Ⅰ Product application and functions
This is an industrial borescope with spraying cleaning function, the using method is: connect the windpipe on the lower part of the handle air inlet position, put detergent insided the bottle, through the borescope’s NDT video to inspect real-time the sprayer mouth working, press the switch, air pressure makes the liquid to spray out, this realizes real time cleaning inspection of the narrow parts.
This is most widely used in car evaporator cleaning, home use air conditioner cleaning, best for small spaces and dead angle cleaning that is out of sight and difficult to clean, use with detergent can achieve NDT inspection cleaning.
Ⅱ Battery use and maintenance
1 Make sure no water flow inside the machine, this may cause damage.
2 Please use the matched power adapter to charge this machine.
3 Put cleaning detergent into the bottle, put no more than 2/3 of the bottle to avoid overflow when machine tilts.
4 The cleaning detergent maybe harmful to human or animal, so when using the machine please do not direct to human or animal.
5 If long time no use the machine, please charge every 3 months to protect the battery.
6 Using when charging this machine is forbidden, there may be explosion.
Ⅲ  Borescope Maintenance
Please follow the below regulations when do maintenance for the borescope.
 1.  Please follow the user manual to operate the borescope, if do not read this manual carefully, please do not use it.
2. Please store this machine in dry and ventilated environment.
3. If inside the lens there is congelation, please do not use it, need to evaporated before using.
4. Clean the machine properly, do not use acetone, use 70% alcohol solution to clean, and use dry cloth to wipe LCD screen gently.
5. If the machine crashed please check the defective parts that may affect operation and repair before using.
6.   Do not use this machine in environment with temperature over 60 degree.
7. Protect well the probe and camera head, do not bend to much(especially cannot bend 180 degree)
8. Please do not disassemble the machine beyond the manual, otherwise do not enjoy the warranty.
9. After using the machine, please clean the bottle with clean water. Clean itself with spraying and dry the machine body, tube, lens, spraying mouth and remaining water on the bottle cover with glasses cloth.
10. Please place the machine forerake when do not have air in, to avoid residue liquid backflow to gun internal.
 Ⅳ、Safety Instructions and Warning! Avoid children under age of 16 use this machine.
Ⅴ、Working condition safety instructions:

1. Make sure the working condition clean, tidy and with good illumination, in mess and dim condition easy to cause safety accidents.
2.  Do not use the borescope in flammable or explosive condition such as with flammable liquid, gas or dust, use of the borescope can cause explosion.
3.  Do not use the borescope near corrosive chemical substances, these can damage the borescope’s protective coating and affect working life and quality.
4. When using the borescope, non-staff need to keep far away, do not let the bystander accessible to the machine.
5. The borescope is equipped with detachable snake camera and windpipe, non professionals please do not disassemble.
 Ⅵ Personal safety precautions:
1. When using the borescope, people need to be sober minded, keep continual attention on the work.
2. Correctly use the protective equipment, wear the safe goggles.
3. Avoid foreign matter or liquid in to the internal borescope.
4. Using the borescope in medical is forbidden.
5. is without anticollision protection, cannot use as hammer or let it crash.
  Warranty Terms
To esteemed customers:
Thanks for choosing our borescope, in order to guarantee your interest and not to bring any worries behind, also to improve our after-sales service, this warranty is formulated. Please read carefully and to offer your precious comments and suggestions.
1、Products of our company can enjoy the maintenance service of different parts within the warranty time according to the list, for those beyond the warranty time, the maintenance cost will depend on the specific failure cases.
2、Please pack properly for the products need to be repaired, our company do not take responsibility for products damaged or lost during delivery.
3、During the free maintenance period, our company can refuse service or charge according to the actual case once the below listings happens:
Ⅰ. Improper use to cause damage or failure.
Ⅱ. Electric shock or improper assembly cause machine burning.
Ⅲ. Non professional maintenance staff to disassemble the machine and cause damage.
Ⅳ. Products with damaged stickers.
Ⅴ. Warranty card lost and cannot confirm the purchasing date.
4  Please read carefully the instruction manual before assembling and using our products.
5  Make sure let the seller company seal and note the purchasing date on the warranty card to protect your interest.

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PE Tooling Box


1pc with a carton


2pcs with a carton 455*342*275mm
3pcs with a carton 455*342*405mm

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