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The video of how to use the cleaning borescope

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This video is introduce the operation process of QBH’ s borescope for car conditioner with cleaning function.
The following step can tell you how to use the AV7822 cleaning borescope.

First, assemble the cleaning gun, and assemble the screen, turn on the cleaning gun and screen switch, check the display status.

Second, connect the air source. By the way, cleaning gun at this point are not allowed to be bent significantly.

Next step, we should start to remove the armrest box, the air filter, the air blower. And place basin for waste water.

For further more details, should check the sanitary conditions of the evaporator and photograph.
When ready, put the detergent into the bottle of cleaning gun. Spray the detergent evenly on the evaporator, wait for 2 minutes to soft the dirt.
Pour 100ml clean water into the bottle to clean the evaporator, and check if the stains onto the evaporator are clean. If not, pour more clean water to clean again still the evaporator was cleaned.
Next, should clean the air blower. And pour bactericide into the bottle, spray onto the evaporator to clean and sterilize the air conditioner system.
Close the liquid valve and use it to blow-dry the air blower and evaporator.
When finish cleaning. Install the air blower. Start the engine, adjust the air conditioner to internal recycle, wind power to the highest. All those bactericide are released, place to the air inlet.
Close the door, let the air conditioner circulate for ten minutes; sterilize the inside of the car roundly.
In order to protect the machine well, please clean the inspection gun with clean water, place to dry and cool condition.
Above is the video introduction, thank you for your trust and support to QBH.

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