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360°rotation manual articulating borescope

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This video is introduce the operation process of QBH’ s AV7811 360°rotation articulating borescope
First, connected the camera to the handle and screw up. 
Next, assemble the 4xAA battery into the host. Insert the TF card into the screen and connect the screen to the host.
Open the screen’s power and  the handle’s power. You can see the screen number. This item have 2.4 GHz wireless transfer function, so can take the screen off and watch it in hand.
We can use its 360 ° rotation function to change the viewing angle of the camera so that it can watch clearly in any corner.
Last, when you finished your inspection, should removed the camera head from the designated area. Turn the device off by pressing the power switch. (If the camera has separate switches then both will need to be pressed to turn all parts off.)
Above is the video introduction, thank you for your trust and support to QBH.


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