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Videoscope used for automotive engine inspection

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 When you drive to a car maintenance and repair station, you can see a videoscope over the tools shelf, what is it for? Actually it is very popular with engine inside inspection nowadays. By Which, the technician can have a clearly viewing of your car engine before next job, Inspection camera tools are to see inside engine carbon deposition,damage or oil condition,by taking photos or recording videos, then reviewing the photos and videos to judge the real condition of its inside for the next maintenance working reference.
How will this kind of inspection camera function, last week, when I want to have my a maintenance for my car engine,I saw that work done.
From viewing and short discussion with the operator, I got the way of using a snake camera like this one, it is really an exciting experience and amazing tool for diagnose.
From the him,got this tool is from QBH and its model NO.is AV7716I.Here is the way operating.First of all, by a soft long press of the ON/OFF button on the top of its monitor to start the tool,from the screen it is seen a brand logo named QBH. Then he demoed it for me before his working,as following
Menu Settings
Power on the borescope, press MENU/OK two seconds to enter the menu setting, press
MENU/OK two seconds to next page, press UP/ROTATION or DOWN/LED to select the items,then press MENU/OK to set & confirm the settings,Press MENU/OK two seconds to quit the menu setting and come back to operating mode.
Photo & Video
Press VIDEO&PHOTO two seconds to switch camera or video mode. Press VIDEO&PHOTO to start/stop recording video or to capture picture
Press PLAY two seconds to enter the Playback Mode. press UP/ROTATION or DOWN/LED to select the pictures or videos,then Press PLAY to browse photos or play videos;
press MENU/OK button two seconds to edit and delete present photo or video.
LED Lamps 
Power on the borescope,press DOWN/LED to adjust the LEDs brightness,there are 6 levels for different working environment.
Image Rotate
Press UP/ROTATION the image will be 180°rotated, press UP/ROTATION return to original positon.
Press MENU/OK to adjust the screen brightness(3 levels) when be used in DARK Place.
After he told all this to me, he just advised me to have a try. To be honest, I can’t wait him to say that, I did it with his help,then I got this video recording of the whole process, and really like to have one piece of this tool.
Finally, he share me the web for further information: www.borescope-camera.com
It is a great experience,with a borescope inspection. I enjoyed the whole work done,it gives me a sense of taking care of my car by myself,especially in such a condition looks like being professional.That is great.


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