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What is a borescope

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 A borescope is an optical device consisting of a rigid or flexible snake tube with an camera on the head end, an objective lens on the other linked together by a relay optical system in between. The optical system in some instances is surrounded by optical fibers used for illumination of the remote object. An internal image of the illuminated object is formed by the objective lens and magnified by the eyepiece which presents it to the viewer's eye.
  Borescope can be devided into two styles; rigid borescope and flexiable borescope. The mainly difference between these two is the tube.
  Rigid borescope is to describe a rigid tube borescope, its tube usually is made of steel material. A borescope with this kind of design is mainly for special usage, and its tube length is not much obviously long, because the steel material is heavier than others. Thus, it turns out the rigid tube commonly not longer than 1 meter. And more frequently to be seen is 430mm rigid borescope. 
What is a borescope
  Rigid borescope is used mainly in directly view of dark or hidden room, a short pipeline or biologic inspection. It can help to deal with a certain case well. But its concerning fields are not as wide as flexible borescope.
 Flexible borescope is to describe a semi rigid tube borescope or a shapable borescope. Its tube material can be many types, plastic, steel, iron and even composite material. Its main features are flexible. you can bend it as needed in a special condition. It won’t be damaged as long as not being over-bended. Flexible borescope tube has no limitation of its length, and out of this feature, it can be used in many fields, such as industrial inspection, underwater viewing and DIY.
 With the development of image and video devices, a borescope combined with a display screen or a similar object, it can be called an endoscope. Such borescope can have a detailed classification according its function. If a borescope can take videos, it can be called as video borescope, if a borescope has a wireless function when it is a wireless borescope. And recently years , the there are more and more individual need such a borescope for personal inspection intention, thus, some R&D manufacture designed different kind of borescope which can be used with people’s smartphone. It is popular and known as a smartphone borescope.
 Borescope was made and used very early as a tool, and it is being developed faster and faster with other scientific technology improved quickly. As a tool, it can be used in industrial nondestructive inspection, in medical inspection, and civil engineer condition inspection. In China it is widely used in car engine, cylinder, combustion tube, muffler, transmission, water/oil tank, gear wear, carbon distribution and block inspection etc. It is also popular with oil cleaning market, industrial pipe, DIY usage, security inspection, building and family application air conditioning inspection. It has a tendency to be used by ordinary people, instead of a technician to use. With an USB tube, it can easily used with a smartphone as an USB inspection camera. This is available for even a child.
 Nowadays, with the convenience of a borescope bringing to us, we can reach further and clearer in small and hidden spaces. We can have a better viewing and understanding of a closed room as long as there is a hole for the tube to penetrate in. It is becoming a more and more helpful inspection tool to benefit people’s life by reducing costs of car maintenance or increasing the happiness of a child playing, for example.

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