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The advantages of borescopes

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 Borescopes technique has unique advantages, it can extend the range of people, and can arbitrarily change the line of sight direction, accurately observed on the surface of the  object in the real situation, this is the other testing instrument cannot replace. The advantages of borescopes are as follows:
 (1)The image is clear, the color is realistic, the resolution is high, the borescopes image is specially processed, the image is enlarged, and the observation of small transactions is especially suitable.
 (2)Has a video and photo function. The screen can be stored for easy viewing and continuous control observation, reducing the time of borescopes.
 (3)Effectively Avoid the disadvantages of easy breaking, easy attenuation and distortion of the image.
 (4)The camera designed by using scratch-resistant oil pollution prevention of glass shell, precision mold injection molding, parts of stainless steel casting moulding, guarantee the products are durable, waterproof, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, improved durability in harsh environments.
 (5)Equipped with external rechargeable batteries, portable high-definition color LCD display, great convenience to foreign families for long time use, and can match the special real-time capture video acquisition card, can be easily achieved. Additionally, itcan be connected with monitor or display to show the detection image in real time. To achieve one person operation, many people can watch simultaneously. It is convenient for diagnosis, consultation and teaching.
 (6)From the remote probe to the hand-held handle, the industrial electronic borescopes is highly water-resistant and is excellent for minerals, synthetic lubricants, aviation fuel, kerosene, gasoline and diesel.
 (7)Borescopes high cost performance, excellent quality and reasonable price, the price and performance, have great competitive in the market, is you tube video detection, precision instruments such as the first choice.

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