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Application of borescope in wind power industry

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  Borescope products,such as video borescope or wireless borescope in the field of energy and electricity can more quickly and effectively understand the internal faults of steam turbines, gas turbines, gear boxes and other defects such as rust, cracking, corrosion, erosion, weld, etc., to minimize downtime, Optimize the maintenance plan. As a result, borescopes have become field assistants in the field of energy, power and other fields to improve the overall operation efficiency of energy systems.
  As a green and clean energy, wind power has been widely distributed in the global market in recent years and has gradually replaced traditional high-risk and polluting energy such as firepower and nuclear power generation. Coupled with the government's periodic financial subsidies, but also contributed to the vigorous development of wind power. At the same time, due to the harsh environment and complex structural design, it also makes the operation and maintenance of wind power equipment extremely difficult. Looking around the world, most of the existing wind power equipment has already passed the OEM warranty period, so routine inspection and maintenance of wind power equipment has become even more important
  Wind power generation speed increase machine with high efficiency, small size, light weight, compact structure, transmission power, high load capacity, transmission ratio range of large features. Planetary gear arrangement is compacted. The gear box structure is complex, all parts of high correlation. The speed-increasing device has a small amount of sun gear floating device. It more is to improve the manufacturing assembly accuracy to achieve the purpose of a balanced load, thus increasing the detection of great difficulty. There isn’t any inspection borescope camera tool to help. Enclosures are also enclosed enclosures with hard metal particles or debris in the gearbox which can lead to severe gear wear.
The traditional detection methods take time and effort, greatly affecting the efficiency of wind power enterprises. Borescopes provide a new measure for wind power testing. Small and lightweight design, intuitive test results, very suitable for use in a compact generator engine room. The detection of wind gear box, wind turbine blade testing (including internal and external) and wind gearbox internal bearing detection and so have a good effect.
  Regular inspection and maintenance is an important step in ensuring safe and stable operation in the field of energy and electricity. Borescope has become an indispensable inspection and maintenance engineer maintenance tools, its application covers thermal power generation, gas turbine power generation, nuclear power, hydroelectric power generation, wind power generation. An inspection borescope in the field of energy and electricity applications to ensure that users in the field of electricity to maximize productivity, reduce downtime and expand production capacity. For other usage, borescope simplly and intuitivly reflect the gear wear; High-speed tooth detection; Low-speed gear tooth surface rust; High-speed and medium-speed tooth pit inspection

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