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The Application of Borescope Inspection camera reviews

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The borescope is an optical instrument, which is sent into the body from the outside through the human body's natural cavity to check the disease in the body. The borescope inspection can directly observe the lesion in the internal organs of the organ, determine the location and range of the organ, and can perform photography, biopsy or brushing Film, greatly improving the accuracy of cancer diagnosis, and for some treatment. Optical fiber endoscope is the use of optical fiber transmission cold light source, small diameter, and can be bent, the patient pain less. Borescope inspection is now widely used, such as endoscopy gastroscopy, bronchoscopy lung cancer, bronchoscopy, esophagoscopy esophageal cancer, sigmoidoscopy rectal cancer, sigmoid colon cancer, cystoscopy bladder cancer, laryngoscopy laryngeal cancer, nasopharyngeal Check nasopharyngeal cancer, colposcopy cervical cancer, vaginal cancer and so on.
With the development of ultrasonic non-destructive borescope inspection technology, borescope inspection technology is now fully used in industrial and medical fields. For a long time, borescopes have been used for "seeing" rather than "inspection ".With the development of computer technology and image processing technology, borescope can really realize the advantages of their inspection technology.
Industrial borescopes are non-destructive testing equipment, compared with the traditional machine inspection methods, the advantages of: industrial borescope easy to operate, you can’t visually detect the area, less time spent in the test, saving test costs , To improve production efficiency, and the inspection of the environment less demanding, borescope inspection probe waterproof and oil, in a corrosive, nuclear pollution and toxic environment, can complete the testing of machinery and equipment.
Industrial borescope is composed of the host, the insertion tube and the probe of the three major components. The control lever of the main unit is used to control the rotation of the probe and help the inspector to observe whether there is any defect in the machine. The function of the main menu bar is complete, such as the function of adjusting the clarity of the picture and zooming in and out of the picture, Depth choose the right pipeline, the core of the probe is the camera, the camera through the observation, the inspector can easily observe the internal conditions of the detected object, the use of camera camera and video recording function, you can record the test object pictures or video, Through the host storage function can save these pictures taken down to facilitate the next test after the completion of comparison before and after doing data analysis, make the machine maintenance and repair programs in advance, this can save inspecting time and improve maintenance and repair efficiency, At the same time improve production efficiency. The impact of borescope inspection is not a lot of factors, the most important factor is the inspection of environmental temperature, the borescope inspection of environmental temperature is too low (below 0 ℃), the need for industrial borescope LCD preheat treatment, if Detection temperature is too high (more than 100 ℃), should reduce the guidance work. Therefore, the borescope inspection of environmental temperature needs to be inspected to ensure that the industrial borescope to work properly.

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