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The Application of Pipe Inspection Camera in Aircraft Engine System

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Pipe inspection camera play an important role in maintaining the safety of the aircraft system and require rigorous inspection and testing before each flight takes off to ensure normal flight. At present, endoscopy technology has been very mature in our country, and plays an important role in the field of aerospace.
Application-of Pipe-Inspection-Camera-in-Aircraft-Engine-System
Below we introduce the common pipe inspection camera for aircraft testing.
Pipe inspection camera is not visible to the naked eye area, belonging to the non-destructive testing industry visual inspection methods, and can be done without mechanical parts dismantling.
Pipe inspection camera is mainly used to check the aircraft engine cavity, weld surface, the surface of the catheter, the aircraft blades, turbines, combustion chamber and other components; and the engine cylinder, fuel pipe, hydraulic components, nozzle components. It is the quality control and maintenance inspection indispensable testing tools.
Aircraft inspection and repair needs to be applied to the pipe inspection camera. According to maintenance data, approximately 90% of engine non-routine replacements are directly related to endoscopic findings. It is the only means of inspection that understands its internal condition without breaking down the engine in route maintenance.
Pipe inspection camera for both safety and effectiveness are of great significance and value:
1. It is intuitive and accurate and easy to find early damage to the internal components of the engine, will help eliminate potential safety problems in the embryonic stage.
2. Pipe inspection camera to avoid the removal of the engine, transport costs and unnecessary loss of aircraft outage, save on maintenance costs.


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