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What is android inspection camera?

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android inspection camera is on kind of camera inspection tool, it is produced with the improvement industrial borescope and smart phone technology. It is designed based on opportunities for people find out the business chance between smart phone application and videoscope. ThiS kind of inspection tools do a really great job to make balance between an industrial special tool and an ordinary kids DIY tool. With it, there are a lot of things one can do, no matter for industrial production or for car repair service, or even for personal usage. It can realize what you want to see.
best android usb inspection camera
video inspection camera with an USB tube to connect to a smart phone or a tablet with Android system, it is an amazing combination. endoscope inspection camera seen much as a industrial tool,which can be used in production inspection,pipe inspection, and sewer inspection. And Android smart phones and tablets are widely use in the world. A smartphone inspection camera owns the two advantages: widely users and functions extention. It means great range of this kind of tools and greater success of the combination.
android inspection camera is based on inspection technology, it needs the compatible between the out connecting camera and Android system, there are many kind of software to realized this,which also means there are many kind of video borescope inspection camera on market, tools market or gifts markets both available for people who want have an inspection experience.
A android inspection camera means its limitation is only for android system devices, nowadays IOS system devices is also popular with young wold widely. So this kind of inspection cameras can not be used with everyone who has a phone.Thus, there must be a new item with both android and ios system compatible. Actually there is, with the WiFi transmission,not only android devices,but also Ios system devices can connect with the camera head. That is a much better ideas.
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