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Cautions for using the Automotive Borescope

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Automotive borescope is mainly designed for automotive manufacturing and maintenance of borescope professional, can make the car engine problems in a timely manner to diagnose, can effectively reduce the cost of repair, save time and effort, easy to use. Only by learning the correct way to use, can play an important role in best automotive borescope video.
1. Replace the automotive borescope host light bulb must be shut down before 15min in order to heat.
2. After using automotive borescope, must use 70% alcohol solvent cleaning probe and objective adapter to keep it clean.
3. When the automotive borescope probe is inserted into the test object for internal inspection, the temperature of the internal test area should be less than 80 degrees, or it may cause damage to the borescope probe assembly.
4. Do not over bend the automotive borescope, otherwise it will lead to damage to the probe.
5. Before use should read the manual carefully, follow the correct steps to avoid improper operation caused damage to the instrument.
Every kind of equipment has its proper way to use it to ensure its use, as do automotive borescope. Failure to do so in the correct manner may result in some burden on the instrument, reducing its useful life and at the same time increasing maintenance costs.
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