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Pipeline Borescope features and advantages

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Pipeline borescope is an important non-destructive testing instrument which integrates the external quality inspection, detection and analysis of light, machinery and electricity.
Pipeline borescope adopts advanced high-resolution digital photo-coupling device to ensure clear and true video borescope images; high brightness LED lighting prevents the attenuation of long-interval transmission brightness and ensures the shortage of light source for video borescope; Industrial-grade LCD monitor to complete real-time monitoring, high-definition screen, a wide range of inspection perspective, improve the quality of detection, increasing the operator's task intensity; at the same time to take a video borescope digital image resolution, image resolution system Engage with the computer to complete the image storage, recording and other functions, easier to document the file, analysis.
Pipeline borescope because of the front-mounted high-resolution black CCD as the most important imaging device, greatly enhance the clarity of the borescope images, optical resolution than the traditional fiber borescope compared to the pre-high resolution The rate of black CCD imaging is about 50 times higher, completely solve the traditional video endoscopic images of the network and honeycomb scene, image brightness, contrast have greatly improved.

borescope pipeline inspection
Because the pipeline borescope is economical and durable, it does not appear that the traditional fiber optic borescope cause dark spots and dark spots due to the long-term use of image black spots such as beam breakage. In addition, the pipe endoscope in the car engine cleaning, maintenance is also essential. It is easy to operate, easy to carry, compact and easy to carry, and the soft, tiny, tortuous insertion tube can reach any hidden area that needs to be inspected.

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