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camera borescope

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Camera borescope is also called videoscope, it belongs to industrial borescope,it has function of taking photos or recording videos like a camera does. With the function of taking photos, its applications are widely and frequently.
camera borescope
An ordinary borescope usually has a camera tube and a monitor, the camera head is a core part of this tool, because its camera must connect with a snake tube and still can keep working. There need technical basis to combine the camera lens and the connection tube together. With the development of lens, the snake tube diameter developed from 17mm developed to 9mm, then 8.5mm, even more small 5.5mm and 3.9mm. what is more, in medical field, its camera lens even more smaller with 2mm lens. The monitor part is designed to control and display images from the camera head, usually it is colorful, and its screen usually with different size for different usage.for example, 4.3 inch,3.5inch and 2.4inch screen. the monitor with function of taking photos, it can be called the camera borescope.
Camera borescope can be used in a car service station to see inside an engine of a car, or to check its pipe condition. When a car repair service technician want to see whether there is any carbon deposit inside a spark plug. He or she can use such a borescope inspection tool, tool penetrate the tool’s camera head into the engine, and then see the image on the screen. or by taking photos and record the inspecting spot then transfer the digit to a computer, and review and analyse it.

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