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CCTV Pipe Inspection

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Equipment Overview
The CCTV pipe inspection system is mainly composed of a probe, a probe line, a display system, a camera storage system and the like, and is a new type of push rod-type pipeline internal image detection device which adopts an industrial high-resolution color camera system and a portable Intelligent control video recording and processing terminal, equipped with high strength, flexible push rod, in order to achieve a variety of chemical pipelines, municipal pipe network, hidden space, search and rescue, flammable, explosive, radiation and other places for real-time image detection, analysis and processing.
This product is ideal for working in darker environments such as in pipelines and tank cabinets, making it easy to view internal cracks, corrosion, weld seams, clogs and other unusual conditions. Has been widely used in domestic and foreign municipal pipelines, gas oil, electricity, telecommunications and field detection, disaster search and rescue and other detection areas.
Pipeline detection: The CCTV pipe inspection can use the visual lens to understand the situation within the pipeline, targeted and effective programs to eliminate the drainage pipe plugging, chemical pipeline welding quality, mine and industrial exploration. Can greatly improve work efficiency, save operating time and save costs.
Rescue: Suitable for address search and rescue, for collapsing buildings, people can not directly enter, or rescue work within a small space, the use of the visual function of the probe can play a very good situation investigation, which can greatly save Rescue time, rescue the most effective implementation of the rescue, the greatest possible to avoid casualties.
Power plant overhaul: desuperheater, header pipe, large shaft center hole, condenser pipe, boiler (ascending pipe, descending pipe), overheated man-made pipe and other pipe testing.
◎ The CCTV pipe inspection is portable design, integrated operation
◎ 7-inch high-definition digital LCD monitor imaging, realistic picture
◎ HD 600 line camera system to ensure high-definition images
◎ comes with video / camera function, keep records of data storage
◎ 20 meters high-strength glass fiber flexible detection line, winch retractor freely stretch
◎ All stainless steel camera, removable interchangeable bending, rust-proof anti-corrosion
◎ 12 high-brightness LED light source, providing adequate lighting
【Technical Parameters】
Probe size: 23mm * 130mm
Viewing angle: 0 ° -120 °
Image Sensor: 1/4 "Color Sony CCD Camera
Observation perspective: direct vision
Probe material: high-strength stainless steel
Probe removable replacement, comes with spring hose can be bent
Display: 7 "HD color TFT monitor
Video camera features: AVI video, JPG camera;
Video input and output: all the way AVOUT / all the way AV IN
LED Light Source: 12 bright white LED lights provide lighting
Brightness: adjustable
Cable: 20 meters - 100 meters
Insert tube material: fiberglass cable
Mode of operation: Winch retractable
Probes and detection lines Waterproof rating: IP68
Machine weight: 9.8kg
Aluminum box size: 460 × 360 × 190mm
Working hours: more than 5 hours
Operating temperature: -10 ℃ -50 ℃

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