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How to use the cleaning borescope to do a deep cleaning and disinfection of car air conditioning

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Car environment than the car 20 times the external organs
cleaning borescope to clean car aircon evaporator
 clean car aircon evaporator




Necessity of automotive air conditioning system cleaning and disinfection agents
  Every car owners like to clean the car inside and outside the spotless, but the car is the dirtiest places we are often overlooked, that is, air-conditioning system, car air conditioning after a period of time, after winter, invisible car air- Adsorption, accumulation of a lot of dust and pollutants, easy to breed bacteria, mold and mites. Especially in the spring and summer, they will not only produce the car smell and musty, but also "air conditioning disease" a major culprit. "Air conditioning disease" so that many people often feel inexplicable dizziness, fatigue, nausea, dry skin, and varying degrees of hand, foot numbness, headache, sore throat, neuralgia and gastrointestinal discomfort and other symptoms. At the same time the accumulation of dust and dirt will lead to decreased air conditioning cooling capacity, shorten the service life of air conditioning. Summer is up, everyone should be ready to use the air conditioning inside the car, so for you and your family's health, to the air conditioning system to do an cleaning borescope examination, a shower is necessary.
How to use the borescope  to clean the car air-conditioning, so you breathe fresh air to protect your health?
use the cleaning borescope to cleaning car air
use the cleaning borescope to clean car aircon evaporator
  Free car intelligent air conditioning cleaning borescope, the whole visual cleaning, subversion of the traditional car air conditioning cleaning methods, the entire visualization operation, in-depth clean air conditioning evaporator inside the pipe, where the dirty clear where. Cleaning more thoroughly, disinfection and sterilization effect, to achieve the effect of demolition cleaning air conditioning.
  1, give the car air-conditioning system to be a borescope perspective, take pictures and found dirty places and the extent of the owners can also look at. (Most of the car will be in front of the Deputy Secretary to open the storage compartment to remove the air filter down, and some, such as Japanese cars, as well as the fan to be removed in order to facilitate the operation, such as German cars without demolition fan, the most Easy to clean
  2, the evaporation chamber cleaning and disinfection using pressure spray gun to disinfectant to about 8 atmospheres of pressure spray to the evaporation surface, thoroughly clean and disinfect the evaporator.


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