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What is an articulating borescope

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Articulating borescope is one of kind of tool with 2 way or 4 way twisting by a controller. It is based on videoscope, it even has similar snake camera as other inspection camera.But the most obvious part is its inside structure of the snake tube.

Videoscope is a summary of several different series which includes: one with wireless function,it supports a detachable screen,which is for the convenience of display the inspection effectiveness by other people.one with WiFi function, it supports other devices to view at the same time.one is specially added with other function like cleaning function,which is used in automotive airconditioning cleaning.

Articulating inspection tool is special for its snake camera, near the camera head, there are articulating structures and connected with other parts,like a robot had,and close to monitor end or combined with the monitor,there a direction rotation controller, which is to adjust the camera head direction when used. This kind of design is very help for to finish a borescope inspection job, it makes the NDT becomes much more easier and effective.

Usually an Articulating inspection tool has both the function of video inspection and the function of adjustable camera. This kind of combine is a great activity of inspection tools. It has a lot of advantages,which including photos capturing and video recording,wireless display,even a wifi function.it is also very easy to operate, not only a technician in an automotive maintenance station can use it easily,but also ordinary people can do the job,if one need it in his or her daily life.

An Articulating inspection tool can play the job of a pipe inspection camera, it can be used to see a industrial pipe block,damage or corrosion.it also can be used for a household wast water pipe or kitchen wast gas pipe inspection. With the development of video inspection camera industrial development, now people can buy such inspection cameras online or at a tools market. There are also detailed information on web,one of which website is  http://www.borscope-camera.com  . from which you can get lot of knowledge of inspection camera industry. And absolutely you can buy one or buy in great qty. Welcome to view and enquiry.

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