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What is a fiber optic borescope?

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Fiber optic borescope is designed on the use of optical fiber transmission principle. This use of optical fiber signal transmission snake camera is more commonly used in the medical field. Compared with ordinary videoscope tools, fiberoptic inspection camera has better view condition, but it can not be used like a video inspection tool
     Before the fiber borescope camera, to konw about fiber transmission is neressory , optical fiber is made of quartz, glass and other materials made of fiber transmission fiber bundle, such as fiber bundle fiber optic transmission components, it can be used.To transmit optical energy and image information, optical fiber has a flexible member, light gathering ability and so on. Different from a cctv inspection tube, Optical fiber (referred to as light Fiber) is mostly cylindrical, composed of a core having a higher refractive index η
What is a fiber optic borescope?
Borescope inspection Fiber optic transmission is achieved by total reflection of light. The light is incident on the incident end of the fiber at Ø angle and enters the fiber at Ø1 angle after refractiarranged neatly into bundles of optical fibers, so that they can correspond one by one at the incident end surface and the outgoing end surface. The end face of each optical fiber can be regarded as an image capturing unit. This allows the image to be transmitted from the entrance end to the exit end through the fiber bundle. This is the principle of optical fiber imaging.
The basic structure and principle of fiberoptic borescope: Optical fiber industrial endoscope borescope is a new type of optical instrument using a combination of fiber optics and optics, precision machinery and electronic technology, which utilizes the principle of light transmission and transmission of optical fiber and its Soft and flexible properties, it allows easy and quick visual inspection of concealed parts of the device that are not readily visible to the naked eye,eliminating the need for equipment disassembly and additional lighting, as long as the holes allow the goggles to be inserted and the inside of the unit visible at a glance . Either intuitive or side view, but also hand-controlled peep head to be inspected on the surface to be scanned continuously up and down 100 °; can be visual, but also photos, but also video or television display. Compared with the traditional optical inspection tools, it has the characteristics of softness, light weight, high degree of freedom of use and easy image transmission in complex spatial structures, breaking the rigid pattern that the traditional rigid borescope system must be in a straight line or a space line. Due to the excellent imaging properties and bendable properties of the soft fiber imaging beam, it also works in situations where there is strong electromagnetic interference and high temperature corrosion. Thus making it widely used in medical, industrial testing, research, military and other fields.
on to reach the smooth interface between the core and the coating. When the
 incident light meets the total reflection condition of a fiber optic borescope, Total reflection of light again in the same angle, in the relative interface death second, third times ... ... Thousands of total reflection, that is, the formation of light guided wave in the fiber, until the other end of the fiber from the surface ) Shot.
    In the fiberscope camera tube, a large number of single optical fiber filaments are 

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