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The cautions of using Hand held inspection camera

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Industrial borescope are now used in a variety of fields. Their main function is to detect unobserved pipes, automobiles and machinery. Different industrial borescope are used in different ways and with different uses. So in the purchase of hand held inspection camera when to clearly understand what the use of operating environment?

handheld video inspection camera with lcd monitor
First of all, we should note that hand held inspection camera operating environment external conditions. In use, the user should avoid the use of explosive atmospheres, such as the use of flammable liquids and gases in the environment. When surrounded by high-voltage wires and other charged objects, the user should first power down, Otherwise, it will cause t

he hand held borescope camera to conduct electricity, causing the user to be electrically shocked. Of course, the user should try not to use the heat source around the temperature is too high, the use of the area must be maintained clean and lighting brightness.

Second, we should pay attention to the operation of hand held inspection camera. In use, don’t over-stretch and bend the insertion tube, and should always maintain the basic balance within the elastic 
limits of the insertion tube. In use, should be careful, when used, hand-held efforts should be controlled, slowly moving, so as not to force too much damage to damage the instrument.

Finally, we should pay attention to the maintenance of the hand held inspection camera. After use, we should wipe the probe and the body with a dry cloth, so as to avoid corrosion of the instrument over time. Wipe is completed, packaged with the packaging and then stored for the next access. Don’t store in a humid place.

When the hand held inspection camera needs repair contact with the dealer or manufacturer, by a professional maintenance staff testing. Non-professionals do not disassemble and try to repair, so as not to damage the instrument.

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