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The working principle of Flexible Borescope

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From the imaging form is divided into: Flexible borescope, rigid borescope, industrial borescope video. Flexible borescope provides in-depth inspection of hard-to-reach industrial borescope where the greatest difference from hard industrial borescope is the use of soft optical fiber to make an image delivery system that can not escape once entering the flexible borescope axis rotation or bending will not affect the image transmission; As the image is composed of the same number of optical fibers "point", that is, the image resolution by the number of optical fibers; the smaller the diameter of the optical fiber imaging resolution The higher the rate, the higher the manufacturing cost. Hose Industry The number of endoscopic optical fibers from 3500 up to 22,000, for the convenience of observation, but also two directions and four directions of the flexible borescope control. 
Flexible borescope are designed for non-destructive testing. Due to their special size design, we can easily and accurately observe the surface structure or working condition of an object without damaging the surface of the object being examined. Non-destructive testing requires the use of flexible borescope as inspection tools designed to meet the complex industrial environments. Nondestructive testing is a kind of detection technology that has been widely used in recent years with the development of the manufacturing technology of the flexible borescope.
Flexible borescope can be used for high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation and the human eye can not directly observe the place of inspection and observation, mainly for automotive, aircraft engines, pipes, machinery parts, etc., without dismantling or destroying the assembly and Non-destructive testing is performed with the unit out of service. On the other hand, the Hose Endoscope can be connected to a camera, video camera or electronic computer to form a camera, video and image processing system for monitoring, recording, storing and graphing of targets Image analysis provides a good guarantee for diagnosis and handling.

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