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How does the borescope camera works

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  Nowadays, when we talk about a borescope camera, at most time we refers to a electrical borescope,which is also called the third generation borescope camera. The third generation of endoscopes is based on the widespread use of solid-state imaging devices and large-scale integrated circuits and absorbs advances in peripheral science and technology such as the development of CCDs, advances in computers and semiconductors, and the popularity of small video cameras. Instead of using optical fiber to conduct the image, instead of loading the CCD solid-state camera on the head of the endoscope, the optical image is converted into a television image, and the television signal is exported from the cable to be displayed on the television screen.The use of CCD camera technology, CCD pixel up to 4 to 10 million, coupled with signal processing systems, greatly increased resolution, electronic borescope camera without eyepiece, the image directly to the monitor, or the image with a video printer to print out. You can also record. 
 There are many styles of different usage borescope camera with different camera models. According to its camera lens size, it is able to be classified many sub styles for different field, for example, large size camera lens for industrial use and micro camera lens for medical use.
 How does a borescope camera works? Here let’s get it with a special item AV7811 for better understanding.
 A borescope usually consist of two or three parts, which including camera head,snake tube and a display screen.

How does the borescope camera works
  AV7811 Borescope camera consist of two part; snake tube with camera head and monitor handle with display screen. When the borescope is working, the camera head will capture picture of its front items with a certain focus and range. It soon transfer images in electrical signal via its connected snake tube. The head camera working is just like a general camera of a smartphone, the difference is the working of snake tube. When the electrical signal reach the monitor, the monitor change the electrical signal into images and display it soon on the screen. Based on this process, the other function will also works probably and orderly. For example, the video recording function, the camera head takes videos and transfer it to the display screen.and then the operator can do the other process and conduct the detection. 
 The working theory of a borescope is well improved, it technology has been developed and  widely used to benefit people’s daily life or reduce cost of in industrial production.

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