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How to use a borescope

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  The working theory of electronic borescopes mainly depends on the charge coupled device (CCD) equipped in the front of the mirror. The CCD looks like a miniature camera penetrating into the human body. It converts light energy into electrical energy and then passes through an image. the processor "rebuilds" high-resolution, color-realistic images that appear on the monitor screen.

Electronic borescope imaging system consists of three parts:

1) optical imaging system,​
2) image acquisition and adjustment system,
3) image acquisition and display control system
Optical imaging system also known as the front, consist of snake tube, lens, LED lights.
Image acquisition and adjustment system is called the handle, the main role is to start a electronic borescope, LED light brightness adjustment for the body power supply,
Image acquisition and display control system is called control screen. Which is, according to different applications, set with different function keys and display composition, the operation of the function button is to take pictures, video, zoom in and picture video processing as needed.
Video borescope use charge-coupled device CCD as the image sensor. CCD image sensor not only has photoelectric conversion function, but also has a signal charge storage, transfer and readout function.

the borescope working process can be divided into four steps:

The first step is the integration of light, that is, exposure time, then the CCD pixel of the incident light quantum proportional conversion into photo-generated charge, the completion of optical - electrical conversion.
The second is the light integral at the same time, the photoelectric charge generated by each pixel is temporarily stored in the potential well of the corresponding photodiode to achieve signal charge storage.
Third, after the exposure is over, the stored photogenerated charge is transferred to the output area along the CCD shift register to complete the charge transfer. 
Fourthly, in the sense amplifier, each photogenerated charge is sequentially converted into a corresponding video signal to complete the signal readout. Therefore, the CCD image sensor can be regarded as an optical-electrical converter which can convert a spatially distributed optical The image is transformed into video voltage signals that are time-sequentially distributed.
Base on the above theory, it can be added with other functions,for example wireless funtion. This feature is widely used in industry borescope, or medical endoscope.here is an example on how to use theAV7811 borescope:

FIRST: Install the each part of the borescope

Install the each part of the borescope

SECOND:Test the borescope bottun function

How to use a borescope

THIRD:Use the borescope to detect

Use the borescope to detect
This is the way of how a borescope works and used commonly. If you have any new idea, welcome to talk, thanks.

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