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How to Use HD Borescope

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Shenzhen QBH Technology Development Co., Ltd. is set production and research and development as one of the high-tech enterprises. Owns a variety of HD borescope to meet any testing needs, and some customers use the wrong time because of improper use of the product damage and reduce product life, only the quality assurance and the correct use of the method to make the product better service to customers. So, what should you pay attention to when operating?
When using a HD borescope to detect objects first, the test object should be at an appropriate distance from the endoscope. At the same time pay attention to the high-definition endoscope operating environment external conditions. Specifically:
1. The power is off under the device can be connected, the connection should be confirmed that the correct connection method, the first boot press the power "on / off" button at least 2 to 3 seconds, can be opened.
2. In operation, to take appropriate measures to protect the endoscopic probe is not damaged.
3. During the inspection of HD borescope, the probe is required to bend the radius of not less than the minimum allowable bending radius.
4. When checking or passing the curved channel, try to use the endoscope probe with square turn.
5. While using, do not over-stretch the insertion tube and bending, at any time should be maintained within the flexibility of the insertion tube within the basic balance.
6. When used, should be careful, hand-held efforts should be controlled, slowly moving, so as not to force too much damage to damage the instrument. When inserting or removing the probe, control the direction and keep it in the correct direction to avoid over-twisting the direction control. When not in use, the probe direction control should be in the release position.
How to Use HD Borescope
7. Be careful, should not be folded, should not fall, should not be knocked, such as the operation is not correct, it will cause the light source can not refraction, appear invisible phenomenon.
8. Equipment settings should be in accordance with the provisions of the steps and operating practices, no rough operation is strictly prohibited.
9. If there is detection, but the controller display has not changed? Please hold the power "on / off" button for about 10 seconds, the device automatically reset.
10. If you find any problems in the detection of the endoscope, in the case can not be resolved, please immediately cut off the power, put the box to contact us, after-sales engineers will be for your repair and testing.
Reasonable use of HD borescope, and you will reap a lot from it.
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