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How to Use Three Kinds of Pipe Inspection Cameras

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With the urban pipe network continues to expand, pipeline facilities are constantly under construction and maintenance. In the face of such a large underground pipeline facilities, must have specialized personnel and equipment to maintain. Pipe inspection camera was born, as a daily pipe network maintenance, overhaul, in order to quickly find fault, blockage and other issues. Ensure the safety of pipeline facilities. There are three kinds of pipe inspection camera and the methods of using it that I want to introduce to you.
(1) CCTV pipe inspection camera system
Its system is an integrated system that uses closed-circuit television to capture images and record and record visual images through wired transmission. The system consists of three components: the main controller, the cable drum (camera), the camera crawler inspection camera ("robot" with camera and light). The cable tray connects the main controller to the camera crawler in the pipe. The operator controls the speed and direction of the crawler in the pipe by the keyboard of the main controller, and controls the camera to change the camera orientation inside the pipe, the focal length of the lens, the lighting Brightness and other internal images of the pipeline and other parameters transmitted by cable to the main controller display, the operator can monitor the internal conditions of the pipeline in real time, while the original image data is recorded and stored for further assessment analysis. Applicable diameter Φ200 - Φ2000mm.
Its main advantages: easy operation, image recording, accurate and intuitive judgment, to avoid personal into the pipeline may cause personal injury accidents, as the final acceptance, take over the inspection provides a scientific and effective method. However, the shortcoming is that the water level in the pipeline needs to be temporarily reduced before the test. Temporary auxiliary work (such as temporary water diversion and plugging) is needed for the drainage network for detecting high water level. In addition, in order to clearly understand Pipe wall conditions, if necessary, pre-cleaning the pipe wall. Crawling the endoscope
(2) Hand-held push-pipe pipe inspection camera
A method using dedicated video and video technology and closed-circuit television system for the detection of the amount of pipe inspection camera Push-wire pipe probing endoscope through the front-end rotary probe deep into the pipeline hinges, combined with fiberglass fiber cable and flexible hose technology, can quickly and accurately find the blockage location, troubleshooting.
How to Use Three Kinds of Pipe Inspection Cameras
(3) pipe inspection camera
Pipeline detection The Endoscope is a rapid pipeline inspection device with a powerful light source that puts a high-magnification camera into a well or pipe through an adjustable-length handle and uses a control box to adjust the camera and lighting for a clear video or image. The image can be viewed from the display equipped with the camera. The real-time recording and judgment of cracks, clogs and other conditions in the pipeline can be carried out with a detection depth of up to 80m. It is suitable for pipeline inspection with a diameter of 150-2000mm.

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